Tips for Preparing Your Last Will and Testament

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Tips for Preparing Your Last Will and Testament

23 June 2017
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When a person dies, it can be a traumatic event for the survivors. It is not surprising that thinking about death is something that you may try to avoid, but being prepared for the inevitable is important for protecting your family. A legal will can be an excellent form of protection for your survivors as it will help to reduce much of the stress that could follow an untimely death. To ensure your survivors are as protected as possible against the consequences of your death, there are several tips you should follow when it comes to your will.

Create a Will as Soon as it is Possible

Younger individuals will often assume that a will is only something that an elderly person would need to have prepared. Yet, it is a reality that death can occur at any time due to accidents or medical emergencies. By having a will made and keeping it updated, you will be able to protect your spouse and children from much of the confusion and stress that your untimely death may cause.

Retain an Attorney to Prepare and Update Your Will

There are many websites that offer the documents and forms needed to create a standard will. Unfortunately, some people will only use these services and not consider hiring an attorney. However, it is a reality that most people lack the legal training or experience needed to craft a will, and this can cause them to make oversights or mistakes when using these services that could lead to potential problems or conflicts. Meeting with a wills attorney that prepares these documents is a way to avoid these problems as the attorney will have a nuanced understanding of the local estate laws and ample experience preparing these documents. Therefore, they will be able to help you ensure that your will is prepared correctly.

Include Arrangements For Childcare

For those with children, it is vital to include arrangements for the child's care after you pass. While you may assume that your spouse will handle this if you die, there can be accidents that may claim the lives of both parents. In order to make sure your child's needs are met, you should include a stated guardian to assume custody of the child if you and the other parent die. Additionally, you will want to include a trust for your child. This will allow you to leave your child their share of your assets, but the assets will be managed for the child until they are old enough to assume control.