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The Crucial Step Of Hiring A Business Attorney

My name is Jackie Fields and if you're not sure if you need a business attorney, I think you should read my blog. I became familiar with business attorneys when my sister opened her own business. Before the business was open to the public, my sister consulted a business attorney to make sure that all of the legal matters concerning her business were in order. I learned a lot about the importance of business attorneys when I accompanied my sister to speak with her attorney. In this blog, I'll tell you why it's essential for you and your business to hire a business attorney. I hope that after reading this blog, you'll realize the importance of this crucial step.


Protecting Your Rights To COVID-19 Medical Leave

17 August 2020
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The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the most consequential events in modern history. In response to the threat that the virus poses to individuals and the community, extraordinary efforts have been taken to slow its spread. As part of these measures, workers that are infected with the virus or caring for a family member that is infected may be entitled to special leave until they have recovered. Read More …