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The Crucial Step Of Hiring A Business Attorney

My name is Jackie Fields and if you're not sure if you need a business attorney, I think you should read my blog. I became familiar with business attorneys when my sister opened her own business. Before the business was open to the public, my sister consulted a business attorney to make sure that all of the legal matters concerning her business were in order. I learned a lot about the importance of business attorneys when I accompanied my sister to speak with her attorney. In this blog, I'll tell you why it's essential for you and your business to hire a business attorney. I hope that after reading this blog, you'll realize the importance of this crucial step.


What Do You Do When You Can’t Find an Estate’s Heir?

14 December 2019
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If you're handling someone's estate, you probably expect to encounter a few difficulties during the process. However, there is one common problem you might not anticipate: one or more missing heirs.  People often lose touch with their relatives over the years, but when a relative is named in an estate or otherwise has inheritance rights, that can be a nightmare for the executor of the estate. If you don't put enough effort into finding the missing heir, you could end up being sued in the future for your negligence. Read More …

Four Requirements An Employee Has To Meet To Fall Under A Fair Labor Standards Act Exemption

26 June 2019
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One important thing that both employers and employees should understand, when it comes to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), is that some employees are exempt from the protections the act offers.  Understanding who is exempt and who is not exempt clarifies what an employer's responsibilities are toward individual employees. The following are four basic requirements that an employee has to meet in order to be exempt from the FLSA.  Read More …