Protecting Your Rights To COVID-19 Medical Leave

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Protecting Your Rights To COVID-19 Medical Leave

17 August 2020
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The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic has been one of the most consequential events in modern history. In response to the threat that the virus poses to individuals and the community, extraordinary efforts have been taken to slow its spread. As part of these measures, workers that are infected with the virus or caring for a family member that is infected may be entitled to special leave until they have recovered.

Understand That COVID-19 Recovery Can Be Lengthy

Due to the way that COVID-19 attacks the body as well as the lack of antibodies that can resist the virus, individuals can find themselves facing a lengthy recovery from the time that they become infected. For those that are unfortunate enough to require hospitalization, it may take weeks before they are healthy enough to return home. Furthermore, it is generally the policy that a person will have to wait until they receive a negative test for the virus before they can safely return to jobs that require them to interact with the public.

Appreciate That This Protection May Apply When Caring For An Infected Family Member

While it is easy to understand the need for a worker that is directly infected to require lengthy time off from work to allow for recovery, individuals may fail to appreciate the need for this when it comes to caring for family members that may have the virus. Being in constant exposure to the virus can easily lead to someone becoming infected or at least becoming a carrier that can spread the disease to others. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is spread very efficiently by individuals that show little to no symptoms, and this can make it best for those that are exposed to the virus from a family member in their home to remain away from work.

Consult With A Medical Leave Lawyer If Your Employer Is Resisting Accommodating Your Situation  

Employers are legally required to accommodate the medical needs of workers that are afflicted with COVID-19 or needing to care for a family member that is stricken by the virus. Unfortunately, there are some employers that may resist meeting these requirements. If your employer is failing to respect your COVID-19 medical leave rights, consulting with an employment lawyer can be the best option. These professionals will be able to meet with you remotely so that you will avoid the need to wait until you have fully recovered to receive a consultation and take steps to defend yourself.

If you need help, consider reaching out to a local COVID-19 medical leave lawyer.